Accountancy Services

We have a large variety of services to provide, whether it be a “one off” job or a permanent outsource of your accounts entirely. The following services are available; all these services are included in our Ruby or Gold package:


Keeping accurate bookkeeping records is vital for any business and a requirement from HMRC. With a good system in place it provides information on income and expenditure, manages cash flow, helps to develop a marketing strategy and ultimately monitor where your business is going.

If you need book-keeping services JD Shannon Accountants Ltd can provide an excellent system for bookkeeping.

JDS year end

Year End/Annual Accounts/Annual Return

Whether your company is dormant or trading we can file the Year End/Annual Return for you. Either as a ‘one off’ or part of a package, whatever suits your needs. There are certain deadlines that must be reached and late submissions can result in severe penalties. With time running out we suggest you plan wisely and try to get it organised and sorted before everyone else.

JD Shannon accountants ltd may be the people to sort this for you! Why not have a look at the contact page and send us a quote?

payPayroll Bureau

Our payroll bureau offers a complete service in the preparation and compliance of payroll and is competitively priced. Our software is authorised by the Inland Revenue for Internet filing, year-end PAYE Returns and RTI. Whether your payroll run is weekly, fortnightly or on a monthly basis, our Payroll Bureau is there for you. We can cater as purely a Payroll Bureau or it can be incorporated into a package, whatever your requirements are. Please contact us for your quote.

vatVAT Returns

As of 1st April 2012 all VAT registered businesses must file online, we can now take this responsibility from you and sort everything out for you, this service is of course included in our Ruby and Gold packages due to it being essential in saving money for business accounts. There are significant penalties for not submitting your VAT return in time. With JDS Accountancy completing your bookkeeping, your accounts will be organized and submitted to HMRC will be made online and on time.

The current rates are as follows: Standard Rate is 20%, the Reduced Rate is 5%, Lower Rate 0%.


Self Assessments

We can complete self-assessments for you either as a one off or if you join our Ruby Package we complete them monthly – which is much easier! You don’t have to keep your own accounts, neither is there all that messing about at the end of the year trying to think what that odd payment was for. Whatever your requirements please e-mail or call the office for a quote.



Other Services

These services are also available should you require them:

    • Budgeting and Forecasting
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Corporation Tax
    • Company Secretarial Services
    • Management Accounting
    • Mitigation Service. If you are subject to a tax enquiry our Mitigation Service is what you need. With our Mitigation Service none of our clients have paid a penalty. Please contact us so see how we can help you.



Join our Exclusive TAX CLUB!

By joining our TAX CLUB you will be protecting your interests and the interests of your business from any tax investigations. This is exclusive to our clients and protects financially from any investigations by HMRC. With increasing numbers of random and general enquiries by the tax authorities, tax investigations into VAT, Personal Tax and Corporation Tax are becoming more common. For a small monthly subscription or a one off fee, joining our TAX CLUB will provide you with all the help, support and guidance that JD Shannon Accountants Ltd can provide during an investigation and without the cost of an accountant’s hourly rate.

Please contact us on 01273 564529 or 07960 701753 for more details.