Even though many self-employed & sole trader businesses believe that because of the status & type of company they own, they think that they do not need an accountant.

The fact is many business’ who try to do their accounts by themselves often can make mistakes in which can result in penalties. You can avoid all of this trouble with our company, with our low costs and specialising in small businesses accounts you no longer have to worry when sending off your work, our professionals are trained¬†to do their best to have no mistakes in your work.

If you are a freelancer, self-employed, a sole trader or have different sources of income we can help with your accounts and tax returns. We can complete them on a monthly basis through one of our packages, which will keep you up to date on how your business is performing on a monthly basis or you can submit all your paperwork in one go. If you are registered for VAT, we can complete these for you also.